Frozen Princess Paris

I am sorry, this may be way off topic but I could NOT help but write about this. Apparently, Paris Hilton would like to be frozen so that she can live many years and then be unfrozen to enjoy a different “good life” in the future. This process is called cryogenically frozen. She also states that she would like her dogs to be frozen as well with her, Tinkerbell and Cinderella.  Many argue that this idea for anyone is:

It goes without saying that the field of cryogenics is very energy intensive. Keeping Ms. Hilton perpetually frozen should place a nice dent on energy consumption over the course of hundreds of years. Unless she decides to freeze herself now; which might technically even things out in place of her emissions over the next 60 or more years.

As the previous blog asked, seriously what is next? We are facing issues such as war, global warming, and world hunger, and movie stars think they have the right to take priority over these issues, based solely on the fact that they are famous. America,  we are in trouble!


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  1. cleen017 Said:

    Haha wow that’s great. I think Paris has been watching too many Austin Powers movies. How about we shoot her up to the moon instead, she can live her good life all by herself up there and stop making an idiot of herself here on earth.

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